Cotton On at Suntec City – Mix Us Happy

Before that, I got the answer on social media that there were other places to register besides Ultra Music Festival for this year’s Mix Us Happy which is the casual DJ competition organized by Pioneer Asia and this was the first place I went there and registered on Day 1. Needless to say, I forgot to synchronize the Camera Uploads to my Ipod Touch before going out. The screenshots of the maps indicating where to go were stored on my Dropbox but they were not synchronized to my Ipod Touch that I couldn’t know where to go. Thankfully, there was someone out there at the bus stop whom I asked for direction and from there, I was supposed to go all the way straight but needless to say, Suntec City is unspeakably large and the building and its surroundings look all industrial. The tour bus-like transports look like a local trip tribute due to the seats looking like the public benches and Suntec City is where those transports are parked at.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t that brave enough when it came to self-introduction video but the advices were that I just needed to introduce myself as well as to answer on why would you want to be a DJ. As of this time, I’m still missing legal music collection that can be suited for playing in a gig as well as the DJ business card so I asked some DJs about that and the places to get the music from would probably be the DJ pools which are monthly subscription-based pools. Good thing is that the DJ pools are legal enough to play music in a gig and you don’t need the license but you still need to prove yourself that this is part of your ambition as a DJ by using it at a gig. Also, depending on the clubs, you or the club may need the license to play on a gig and I don’t know the license fees for public performance like that. And do I need someone to verify everything like CDs, vinyls and other stuffs to see if those are legal or not? For the Mix Us Happy competition, the legality doesn’t apply there. I just have to worry about that as I think the organizers already have the license and rights for contestants to use the music to perform.

Aside from additional advices, I was shared some experiences about music production from DJ Eko, the last year finalist. Prior to being a DJ, he was music producing for the indie band which might be a different story than mine.

For the registration form, it has so much details. It ranges from filling up some interesting particulars as well as to put tons of ticks on the check boxes to see if I accept the conditions for registration. The DJ lesson will take place in weekends for 2 months starting next month but before that, I may be invited for a party on the day before the training day.

2PM-5PM is somewhat a shorter training time compared to the previous DJ lesson I had which lasted much longer from 3PM+ to 9PM. In fact, I had learnt the basics which I felt weren’t quite enough and people can find this DJ experience level boring like that. You may expect a more experienced DJ when it comes to momentum. Another thing was that I had tons of techniques that I wanted to try but obviously getting a DJ lesson about them is more recommended so a basic experience is not going to count for me. Or maybe that DJ lesson I had a few years ago doesn’t count at all so to make the DJ lesson experience, registration for Mix Us Happy is an essential part.


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