Audio Technica ATH M40X obtained

At least I may be prepared to get a clearer hearing when trying to mix the tracks thanks to having bought a DJ headphone. This was purchased from City Music store located somewhere away from Bugis. From there, it is a store full of instruments and accessories suited for musicians so why were there DJ headphones like this at that store besides those? Perhaps, the same headphones can be used by other kinds of musicians besides DJs for clearer music but the clearest of all is from elsewhere that is used by DJs and other musicians alike and I’ve been the tracks that are taken from Soundcloud which are obviously not the clearest all along as they are at 192kbps or something. Needless to say, about 320kbps is recommended if you are to satisify the party and concert goers.

Also, I’ve been rendering stuffs I’ve produced at 192kbps and made them available on YouTube, my blog as well as my Soundcloud account. Quality-wise, things should sound good but not the best.

Other talks at the City Music store involved the topics about music production as well as the fact that there were external schools that offer music production courses. This is due to the fact that City Music store has stuffs useful for music production but the thing is, I’ve been doing music production stuffs on the computer without any other musical stuffs. Also, I’ve not been using full potential of music production as I can admit to myself and anyone I talk to.

It was a shame I was offered the discount which was the discount for working customers. I guess that in other words, that discount was for customers who have jobs or something and at this time, I still have yet to become a DJ for real. Perhaps, I feel a little bit bad over that discount to be honest but it’s not an easy passion.

It wasn’t the first time that I reached City Music store though. I went there in past days this month but that was for nothing as the store is open on weekdays only and I went there on the days outside of that schedule to find that the store was still closed.

Lastly, while going back home, I happened to see someone wearing the shirt that was a tribute to some cartoon franchise I can recognize. It was kind of unusual wearing something like that in public but unlike that shirt was a tribute to that over-popular franchise, L**e L**e S****l I*** P******. I thought that I would return back to normal after knowing 50 cartoon franchises but it turned out that this year, there are some interesting ones after having a bunch of those franchises suited for mature people. Unfortunately, there may be theories of fears and doubts from me indicating that the heavily obsessed cartoon fans already have made some delusional relationships with fictional cartoonish characters whether they originate from games or other media so even with those cartoon franchises with concepts in the right direction whose cartoon shows air this year, it cannot be helped and it may be why I established the policy against that on my account because those kinds of actions are found to be disgusting in the first place.


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