SkillsFuture Lab

Through SkillsFuture, someone had become an opportunity to become a part-time Disc Jockey maybe thanks to taking a course related to that as if I can get differently inspired by her or something by taking certified IT courses using SkillsFuture credits. Of course, many of those are really expensive but certain of which are subsided by the government so that the course are affordable using the starting credits of $500 as long as you’re aged 25. For those who are aged 40 and above, the discount is even more.

It was a cool discovery at Ang Mo Kio Hub basement level 1 where I got to check out the booths there and get those bags containing useful information. An optional event attendance will be on August 30 at Lifelong Learning Institute at 2PM to 5PM although this is something I’m not sure on whether I’ll attend that or not since on that same day, I may be forced to attend the part two of the CDAC business workshop. There won’t be guarantees that the workarounds against that may work unlike the events I avoided 2-3 years ago in favor of going to the arcades or having some DJ trainings. The workarounds will be to go to the arcades in the morning and then try to attend the workshop at Lifelong Learning Institute in the afternoon.


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