Project Diva Future Tone for Playstation 4

OK, I already stopped playing Project Diva Arcade like I already lost interest of some sort in favor of playing the other rhythm games in the arcades to fulfill the real goals I have. The Playstation 4 version is basically the port of the arcade game to the console with graphics obviously taken from the arcade version running on the Sega Nu hardware. The transition from Sega Ringedge to Sega Nu for the sequel may seem to be either minor or major as the interface is still the same as the previous game with new songs and redone graphics. On Playstation 4 version as Project Diva Future Tone, the interface is redone to make itself exclusive to that version. Also, the analog stick, touchpad and bumper-like buttons can be used for slider notes in addition to using arrows or buttons on the right side for the four standard notes. Trying to press other buttons while holding one or two of them is not an easy thing on Playstation 4 version as you may need to find some ways. However, there are controllers for Project Diva Future Tone where you can mimic the arcade experience as well as to make things as easy as playing Project Diva Arcade in the arcades.

Presentation-wise, it has the system BGM for all Project Diva Arcade games ranging from the original to Project Diva Arcade Future Tone as well as the one with photo-printing support feature. Not all Project Diva Arcade machines have that feature where you can take screenshots and make a layout with the screenshots you’ve taken and then print the decoration you’ve done in 1 credit. That may be a waste of 1 credit if you’re going for attempting songs and not making other progresses in arcade rhythm games.

Plus, Project Diva Future Tone on Playstation 4 has two paid DLCs, Future Sound and Colorful Tone which have hundreds of songs to play through in addition to the Prelude ones in which the game may look like a demo game without those DLCs. The UI has three different themes to choose from in addition to different system BGM taken from Project Diva Arcade series.

A Playstation 4 release doesn’t probably mean the end of Project Diva Arcade series in the arcades. The game is still on-going with new songs, new modules and other new stuffs coming in.


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