Jubeat Qubell

OK, I admit that I didn’t have so much time to go to the arcades again the last time as if I didn’t even get to play the newest Jubeat game, Jubeat Qubell. It had been due to the fact that I’ve been working on Project Egg Rush which is some fan-made stuff. Supposedly, it is planned to be a fan-remake to S***c Runners and let’s face it, it is kind of like that as an endless runner except that this is more than that and right now, the endless runner gameplay is like complete ass at the time of writing. It seems that I have no idea to plan out the object appearance pattern in sequences. Also, I had gone out sometimes to find various places based on the ones I looked up online to try to find and buy various DJ accessories.

It may look like I may have future goals to attempt songs from Jubeat Saucer, Jubeat Saucer Fulfill, Jubeat Prop and of course, Jubeat Qubell. It may be seriously costly to attempt everything like that and especially that I’m already making some recent progress with other rhythm games like Beatmania IIDX, Sound Voltex and Groove Coaster.


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