Groove Coaster 3

So, how is Groove Coaster so far for me? It is kind of fun and good ever since I played the Groove Coaster games on IOS. Now, a summary of impressions will be as follows:

  • The navigator is quite polite when speaking in English and quite cheerful when speaking in Japanese. She may be speaking those stuffs on Title Screen, Demonstration, Ranking, Game Entry, Main Menu, Results and Game Over screens. Depending on the country, the game is either called Groove Coaster or Rhythmvaders when it comes to English language so Japan doesn’t count in this sentence as the game in Japan uses Japanese voice acting and language anyway.
  • Using music panels to unlock songs is made obselete in Groove Coaster 3 as you may have to use GCs to unlock the songs in the game’s official Mypage provided that you have your Nesica account like I already have.
  • Event Mode is a major challenge to say the least and especially for Multiplayer Mode probably because I’m not at the expert level in rhythm games in terms of skills that I may get outscored by other players.
  • And of course, the flaws. Why are there the shirt, long knee socks, gloves and shoes and that’s pretty much that for the nagivator? What were they thinking when designing a character like that? For the sake for fan-service bullshit or what? It’s unbelievable that even Taito and Sega had become a little bit spoilt over stuffs like that. Even if the arcade rhythm games are made in Japan originally, there should be songs that fit some Asian countries exclusively like the Chinese version of Beatmania IIDX where some song happened to have the Chinese cover. Hell, even Dance Evolution Arcade had some songs originally sung in Chinese language.
  • Unlike other rhythm games in the arcades, your failure of whatever song in any stage doesn’t mean Game Over. Instead, you move on to the next stage whether you fail or pass the song. There were cases where I failed some songs in Groove Coaster 3 and I was told that I should make less mistakes.
  • Like other Nesica X Live arcade games, there is a message on the Game Over screen telling you not to forget your Nesica/IC Card and your belongings.

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