Dance Dance Revolution A

The new DDR surprisingly was released this year as announced from this year’s KAC. People thought that DDR 2013/2014 would be the last DDR game for the arcades and that was that but it seemed that the sequel existed as DDR A. The letter A may stand for Ace but not all players may be complete aces of DDR and other dance music games. The System BGM was a good impression on me and especially for the new UI which is looking kind of futuristic although the music select layout is based on the one from Sound Voltex III. The tutorial BGM originated from some DDR on the Wii although some parts of the song made you think like, you’re playing Space Channel 5 from the fact that you have to follow the corresponding arrows they say in sequence via Simon Says.

This year’s special aim will be to promote a bunch of EDM songs and we hope that you may get quite energetic upon hearing them. Hell, even some song by Zedd will be in DDR A as if Konami was like doing in the right direction but this is not the same for the other songs that are new to DDR A. It contains even more Touhou arrangements which normal people don’t appreciate that much or something when it comes to proper music selection but for songs that came from other rhythm games, it’s a good move.


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