CDAC Business Workshop Part 1 (Spoiler Alert!)

Spoiler Alert: Note that I had already stopped looking for IT jobs after knowing the fact that some controversial bill people already know of will threaten jobs and small business companies and some stuffs I know of but cannot mention here. It is one of the biggest spoilers people fighting for freedom already know of but the thing is, do the others know about that? If you are fighting for people’s freedom and true democracy, that’s the good thing and especially that Fight For The Future has been organizing the concerts in various western regions against that bill and the campaign is still on-going. There may be conditions I can imagine like,

  • If you try to talk to someone about the real truth of what that bill will do, would he believe that?
  • If you try to talk to someone about the real truth of what that bill will do, would he take whatever you said for bullshit or inexcuse?
  • You know the real truth of what that bill will do but the people you know of don’t know the real concerns you have in your head.
  • You know the real truth of what that bill will do in a negative way although the news on TV, newspaper and professional news media do give out only the positives about it.

So, I don’t know if I can start looking for one sometime in November but this is what I’m truly concerned unless you don’t care about that bill or maybe the real truth about its negative motives that you take this concern for inexcusable bullshit like I’m whining or some sort that you continue to force me in a retarded way. I do not accept negative changes that are done to whatever product, service, individual, group or corporation because that will ruin the reputation for that. There were already cases I know of like I’ve seen something unacceptable for Windows 10 for instance and why the hell would I want to upgrade my computer to that for instance anyway, maybe PlayFirst was acquired by some company that makes mobile games including the IP of Playfirst games that fans of those games wouldn’t accept the corporate change in the first place, or perhaps Konami is going Pachinko and Mobile like they can do whatever the hell they want while being insulted by their former fans. Those negative changes were UNACCEPTABLE! WHERE IS SOMEONE TEACHING ME ABOUT PROS AND CONS OF ONE THING!

You know, I’ve been fighting for people’s freedom ever since 4-5 years ago but finding someone on the same boat as me is tough.

And that’s a warp on the spoiler part although I already have concerns that those imbeciles at home never know about this true concern I have as if they can talk false shit about me like everytime out of ignorance. But then, it looks like I can’t talk to anyone about this true concern I have as I fear that whatever I say about it will be taken for inexcusable bullshit.

Then, about the workshop. It’s good and I had learnt something about what to do during the interview with common questions and stuffs. Major problem is the language barrier. It appears that technical stuffs have been used with main language which is English and it looks like I don’t use the secondary language a lot, hence the incomplete skill set for my secondary language. There may be tons of foreigners trying to work at the companies but I don’t know if that amount will throw locals out or not.

Under Self Management Skills of mine, I may have good imagination as well as the will to change but that depends on the situations we have when it comes to planning to change something. Also, there may be situations where there will be negative changes we oppose and make sure that they get rejected as if no changes happen. That is something you should truly know about not tell me to take such actions in an instant. It requires plans, prerequisites and knowledge of the situations, damn it!

Of course, when it comes to job interview questions, preparations are needed and you will need to do things properly if you want to get a chance. However, for hobbies, not all of them can be mentioned as they may sound irrelevant or maybe mocked upon for not being at a professional level. So, I guess that I can mention out the professional level hobbies then.

Lastly, I was tested on my personality with actions. What the hell? One of those rhyme things I was forced to do was loosely akin to spectating at the baseball tournament except that instead of saying out some chants/cheers or whatever that were used, it went with laughs and I felt disgraced to the baseball for that. If I want to hear something like that, I should be in the game of baseball with people rooting for me. Hell, when it comes to photo-taking session, I could have struck a DJ pose if I wanted to but I FAILED to do that at that workshop like I didn’t have the idea or maybe I forgot. I could have done the same DJ pose at this year’s Global Game Jam as well but that was until sometime this year or what not when I had an ambition to become a DJ besides being an IT Professional.

Even worse that there will be part two of the workshop in August 30 and I don’t know what’s in stores for me besides teaching me on preparing resumes whatsoever. The workshop is good but the last part has to go for loosely insulting baseball that I may as well go to Homerun Baseball batting center one day for a practice.


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