Hardcore Summer Bash – Kors K – July 29

Note that Kors K’s set may contain certain songs from Bemani games and shortly after his set was played live at HappyHardcore.com, he had released a new Hardcore Tano*C party anthem of this year which was also produced by Redalice in addition to Kors K. Weird thing is that not all tracks are composed by Kors K in his set at all. Not to mention that he managed to transition to Filp Flap right after the complete end of Bass Drop Freaks which was Dubstep/Drumstep all along. It might seem that he used the one-beat-mix technique in his set which was the the technique I also learnt when having a DJ training a few years ago.

Bemani songs played so far were:

  • We’re So Happy (Kors K Remix)
  • Line 4 Ruin (Kors K Remix)
  • Bass Drop Freaks
  • Flip Flap (Cut-off lol)
  • Smooooch 2014 edition
  • The Wind of Gold

Before the podcast of Kors K’s set started, there was a 20+ minute delay and S3RL’s set was still playing before his turn. Fortunately, I was still able to recognize some of S3RL’s tracks.


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