Verizon to acquire Yahoo?

Back then, the Yahoo services and websites were popular globally but now, it looks like it has lost momentum that forced the company to put it up for sale. It seemed that certain companies were starting to get interested in acquiring it to keep the businesses up and running. Previously, Verizon had purchased AOL which was another popular thing back then but the acquisition of AOL from Verizon had caused concerns for netizens in which the bandwidth would be throttled for users when it comes to visiting Yahoo or AOL websites like they have on-going doubts about the Net Neutrality stuffs and especially that some people may probably think that certain articles have negative viewpoints about Verizon over the Net Neutrality stuff. It had been days or weeks ever since the actions were done for Net Neutrality for EU and further decisions will be needed in the future to see if the Net Neutrality rules in EU will be approved or not.


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