Hardcore Summer Bash – DJ Viperstar – July 27

The podcast event had started in July 23rd and some of the DJs I know of would be involved with their mixes being streamed at HappyHardcore.com. Certain tracks in the mixtape had a mix of Hardcore and Hip-Hop which I had an earlier thought before on why don’t we mix them together. One of the reasons was that the kind of tempo would be similar between Hardcore and Hip-Hop if we do some little mathematics on the BPM. So if you divide the Hardcore suited BPM by 2 to get the BPM suited for Hip-Hop, the beatmatching shouldn’t still be a problem although you may get two beats out of four per bar that way for Hip-Hop side while the Hardcore side may get four out of four beats per bar. The transition between these two genres is something I’ve never done before but who as a music producer may want to produce a track that is a mix of these two genres?

Other familiar tracks I heard of were the same tracks taken from various Viperstar Select mixtapes as well as the full version of Elektrick U-Phoria from Beatmania IIDX Spada. How did he get that track as part of the set? Did he buy some CD from Konami Style or something? Also, the song, We Like To Party by Vengaboys, was part of his set but the remix was not okay from what I heard like I didn’t know what was the remixer thinking.

However, this isn’t over yet. There’s Kors K’s set that will be taking place at a later time at HappyHardcore.com as part of the on-going podcast event. If everything goes well and smooth from July 29 onwards until the event is completely over, that is.


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