Pokemon Go update (Article updated)

While I’m anticipating the Hardcore Summer Bash podcasts that are already taking place ever since yesterday until the beginning of August, we’ve been seeing tons of bad news already happening elsewhere. It looks like there’s no end to those massacres unless they can do something to the situations. Who knows what the true outcome is like for the sake of the future? Also, there are already news about the EU Net Neutrality update as well as the fact that the Ad-blockers will be blocked in China but there’s really not much to say about them as I had already blogged about those kinds of stuffs many times. And I guess that this is the same for what will happen to Pokemon Go servers in August 1st.

The game was already out in Japan and it looked like it still has yet to come out in certain parts of Asia. It’s a huge phenomenon that took the entire gaming world by storm once released but it can also mean that this kind of gaming can turn certain people into safety fools should they not follow the safety rules. Sure, when the game was out in Japan recently, there were already rules for it in addition to paying attention to the surroundings. Unfortunately, even if there are rules and policies set up regarding this game, there are still accidents done out of stupidity over it.

Like always, there are still flaws listed below:

  • Rules and policies regarding the game may be accurate but sometimes, stupidity is still intact as if people can ignore the hell out of them through it. Cases included the accidents that occurred because the safety rules are broken and what not.
  • Fictional locations are randomly placed in real-life locations in an inaccurate way in which those real-life locations may be vulnerable to trespassing by the players.
  • The game’s missing some features other Pokemon games.
  • Technical issues that plague the game since the launch such as game crashes, servers being down, other kinds of errors that annoyed the critics into giving the game a negative review score upon launch.
  • Serious security issues not only on the technical level but also on the personal level around you. What stinks about this is that the GPS systems can be misused by criminals to track down the victims playing the game. What will the criminals do next is by whatever ways and location-based gaming decreases the security level even more. Another security issue is the use of the AR. When attempting to catch the Pokemon, the camera mode is turned on and it looks weird for anything to be floating on the screen like that and somehow it looks unnecessary. You can turn off the camera mode and you will see that you’re on the greeny area with the Pokemon in front of you.

It’s a massive disappointment and yet such kind of gaming stupidity like this can still become that popular. Another stupidity is the fact that some group of hackers is trying to knock the game servers offline and it isn’t the first time. Some group, called, PoodleCorp, is planning to knock the game servers offline on August 1st like they already did this month. In addition, they had cyber-attacked various YouTube accounts and game servers of other games but this kind of stupid behavior is still unacceptable. They can knock the game servers of Pokemon Go offline to see if even hardcore gamers may care for this stupid motive or maybe the game but that will piss off tons of Pokemon Go players and result in serious consequences against them. It’s wrong and stupid, and it can land those childish hackers in serious trouble. What’s evil about this is that they had purchased tons of botnets from the dark sites and it’s not a good thing.


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