Pokemon Go impressions and security issues

So, the hype for this was really big to be frank as you can wander around the globe and find various wild Pokemon on the wild areas to catch as well as to battle the gym leaders although I don’t know if you can make use of your own Pokemon to battle the wild ones besides catching them. What about those items like potions, revival restore and other stuffs besides Master Balls/Pokeballs? What about Pokemon Center in case some of your Pokemon are defeated in battle? I guess that losing to gym leaders in battle may make you completely useless that you can guess on things like going to nearby Pokemon Center for full revival. It’s a shame that Pokemon Go is missing certain stuffs like that based on what you can recall from your childhood if you had played the past Pokemon games before.
Unfortunately, the addiction is too high for this one and at the time of the game’s release, the new policies regarding it still have yet to exist like better safety rules, new policies in schools, companies and other indoor facilities against playing the game as well as the policies against entering those specialized facilities like police stations, hospitals, etc. There were already advises that you actually didn’t NEED to enter those facilities just to get various virtual items. This is kind of realistic enough but it also means that it can pose policy and safety problems if you’re not careful enough of your surroundings and where you’re going. What if you are lost or missing in action because of that?
And of course, even security issues had become additional problems the developers needed to be aware of. Normally, apps on IOS and Android should have request to basic contact information but this is beyond that for Pokemon Go and your privacy might be compromised as a result should you opt in to Google. However, the developers, Niantic, was aware of this problem and the update should solve it by making Pokemon Go request to basic contact information for players using Google account. The thing was, Google was the one taking action in reducing the permission for the app with Niantic including this solution in the latest update. This problem affected IOS and Android users but there’s one more thing Android users need to be aware of, the malware APKs disguised as the game app.
It was an interesting stumble ever since I played classic Pokemon games on Game Boy Color in my childhood. Unfortunately, none of them were English version so I couldn’t know what went on back then and the worse thing was that I was stuck in Pokemon Gold like I wasn’t able to finish it. There was also the trading card spinoff game on Game Boy Color which I played but I couldn’t make it far. But fast forward to the present where everything changed. I don’t think I’m going to have any interest in getting Pokemon Go on my Android at anytime although it is interesting and a huge hit but it lacks the features the other Pokemon games have.
Last thing, will there be a tournament for Pokemon Go players in the future? Unfortunately, it’s kind of like the tournament events for Splatoon where each tournament event is different for different country. Also, there are like way too many places marked as gyms and I don’t know how many badges you’re going to get. Maybe, there should be official Pokemon-themed places that act as the real gyms so that you can get the gym badges from there and THEN, once you have gotten all the gym badges, you’re eligible for the tournament, right?


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