Codemoji by Mozilla

Codemoji is the educational game by Mozilla that teaches people about encryption. You just type in the message and encode it using the emoji cypher to send it to your friends in an encrypted form. The receiver of the encrypted message will have to use the same emoji cypher to decrypt it.

Note that this is not a serious attempt to bring secure messaging that way. As this is an educational material by Mozilla as part of the privacy advocating campaign, it may be interesting to educate users about cyphers and basic encryption concept. Sure, learning cyber-security may be a challenge for technical people but there are four mini-episodes about encryption as released by Mozilla to learn why encryption is important in general.

You’re already better off using the sophisticated security tools than Codemoji according to Mozilla. What they also have said is that they have also mentioned the recent cyber-security situations regarding the encryption like the encryption is being threatened around the globe which may be true because the encryption power is too strong that cyber-criminals for instance, can make use of it to get away with it undetected. There must be some equality but you may have concerns if one organization or agency is lacking any trust for privacy advocates or not.

There might be other cyber-security news on Neowin like tech companies offer secure messaging will be fined in Russia if the anti-encryption bill there goes in effect or not for instance but there isn’t anything special or much to say about those news.


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