Stereo Mini Jack to Stereo obtained

Initially, when you bought the iRig Mix mobile mixer, it came with the RCA to speaker cable along with two speaker input/output cables and the power adapter that is hooked to the device through the USB port. But what was missing was the cable that was much larger than the regular speaker cable which was the kind of cable musicians use and karaoke is one of the examples that make use of that kind of cable for hooking up microphones to the amplifier or the disc player. So, I bought the Stereo Mini Jack to Stereo for less than $2 due to membership as the discount and I was able to complete the iRig Mix device setup. It’s basically a mini-jack to phone plug which I believe that I first saw one during my DJ training that took place three years ago.

However, this is not over yet. I still have to buy the DJ-Level headphone as well as the debit card so that I can use that to buy various Beatport tracks for the sake of making a mix. You can make your Beatport mix online as long as the tracks are taken from Beatport, not anywhere else. You can also make your mix priced but the amount you will make will be much lower than the amount the original track producers make. However, I don’t know if this is going to work on the debit card stuff as I believe that it makes use of the cash from your bank account for online purchases and the security for using debit card is inferior for me compared to using credit card which is about payment on a regular basis by installment.


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