Crossbeats Rev

The producer, Naoki Maeda, who formerly worked at Konami for various songs in Bemani franchise mostly the songs from DDR, is nowadays working at Capcom on a rhythm game as a continued dedication of his music career along with other music producers who also formerly worked for various Bemani games as well. Jun on the other hand whose music style is something people like us can recognize has made some songs for Crossbeats for IOS and arcade that matches the style of his previous songs used for Bemani games so expect some familiarity. It’s a strange move for Naoki Maeda to work at Capcom in my opinion as Capcom already had some negative reputations for on-disc DLCs for various games as well as the way they released Street Fighter V in such a stupid way over the lack of important core game modes. Perhaps, he could have started his own indie company way before Hideo Kojima did and then made Crossbeats from there.

Using the Aime card to save progress for the arcade version, you can probably guess that the game is running on the Sega arcade hardware but when I looked up at Japanese Wikipedia about Sega Nu, it appears that Crossbeats Rev. is running on Sega Nu 1.1 which has some changes to the system specs. There’s also Sega Nu SX which I have no interests in those games running on it. Another interesting thing is that Chunithm by the makers of Maimai is running on the same hardware as well but don’t expect the hardware to be that great when compared to Taito Type X3 which uses Core i5 processor by default although the hardware components can be upgraded for certain games.


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