FindFace app – Giant security nightmare?

It has been days without blog posts of this month here but there’s a shocking recent news from Neowin regarding an app that comprises privacy and brings other disadvantages. Privacy violation aside, it can also be used by cyber-criminals to do harassment or any other criminal activity. It’s unspeakably worse than cyber-surveillance done by government agencies like what if you get targeted by baddies through this app?

What this app does is to allow you to snap a picture of someone and use it to connect to online presence like social network and government sites. Since it’s made public even for consumers, it can make you look like a cyber-criminal yourself from using this app to do those illegal stuffs to someone. In fact, it you get photographed by someone using this app, you are more vulnerable and likely to be a victim. It doesn’t matter where the hell you are whether you’re in the photo on the net, you’re at home or some other place, you are seen in the video or live stream or even TV, there’s a chance that someone can use this app to snap the hell out of you.

What if someone uses this app to snap a picture of someone from the government or whatever agency? THAT PERSON WILL BE IN TROUBLE FOR THAT! And I don’t know if Apple and Google are aware of this serious security-less situation. In fact, such kind of app like this should be in the hands of government agencies only to locate criminals, not the public because things can get out of control that easily as if cyber-security is of no more like people may end up misusing it and investigation can be more complicated all because of that app. And if that’s the case, DON’T MAKE SUCH KIND OF TECHNOLOGY LIKE THIS AVAILABLE TO STANDARD CONSUMERS!

A kind of technology like this for locating criminals may be a good idea but making it available to the public as if anyone can use it has caused a serious concern to other governments, human rights and privacy advocates like us. Also, whoever has shown off this app like that has made a serious mistake out of some cyber-security stupidity or something like things are getting more chaotic or something. I don’t know if there will be a Cease and Desist letter issued to the makers of this app should it continue to get misused by the public consumers. Certain online services that are similar to this by Microsoft DON’T compromise customers’ privacy by themselves but this kind of technology still has some other security flaws. Or the best thing is that this kind of technology shouldn’t be made available to the public or standard consumers in the first place and it is why it should remain private in the hands of those agencies I mentioned above. It should stay that way although not all cases are known by the public.


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