Hercules DJControl Instinct S series controller obtained

Before having plans to buy the DJ controller for the sake of making proper mixtape or maybe a collection of affordables, I did have concerns about the DJ stuffs I bought from Valentine Music Center/Store being wet in the middle of the long walk during the rain. The solution was that I was told to take a short path to Farrer Park MRT station. By arriving at Farrer Park MRT station, the direction time is longer than the one I chose which was to arrive at Lavender and then took a long walk to that same store. It might be risky once I had bought something from that store and then taken a long walk path back to Lavender MRT station that it could be a waste of everything should the gear I bought be wet by the rain. Also, by taking a longer direction time, it could probably mean a larger cost.

Another important question was that the DJ business card. Who’s going to ask someone to prepare one for DJs as it is not their job to print or design graphical stuffs for music jackets and DJ business cards? Indeed, I asked the shopkeeper for the same help about the DJ business card but I don’t know if that same solution will help me out or not. I already asked Singapore Hardcore Crew on Facebook about this but I hope that this situation above can be understood for new DJs. I’m not good in graphic design despite having experience in game development and I made some shitty music jackets for some of my mixtapes like that, so why don’t I leave the graphic design to someone else when it comes to music jackets for mixtapes and CDs and DJ business cards, then? It still poses new DJs a major challenge when it comes to DJ business cards but it may come at a price. Preparing DJ business cards online can be costly and especially for the amount of working days it will take and it’s the same for the local retail store that prepares business cards.

About the DJ controller I bought, it may have everything that is as common and essential as the superior DJ controllers we know of but this one may seem to be inferior but affordable as reviewed on Digital DJ Tips website. It may be a mixed bag according to people’s opinions but let’s see if this one can work in theory. I already installed the software that comes with the controller and surprisingly, the latest version of the software recently supports it so that I should be able to use it. Question is, how am I supposed to transfer the cue points from Virtual DJ to this less popular software? Trying to make the controller work with third-party software is not an easy thing and especially for the later revisions of DJControl Instinct controllers known as the S series ones.

Prior to the purchase of this controller, all the mixtapes except the recent UK hardcore one were made using VirtualDJ and remaking everything using this controller should be an essential if I want to get a gig one day.


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