HappyHardcore.com DJ Viperstar Podcast – April 28

So, I tuned in to one of the radio podcasts of the DJ mixtape in April 28th in HappyHardcore.com and the mix lasted an hour before moving on to another mixtape in which the online radio has been running on the server non-stop. I guess that it has been storing audio files of the mixtapes for continuous playback on the servers posted by various DJs.

The technology for running the web radio is way too old and they never bother to upgrade to the latest technology that is running all the podcasts but it is still functional. And since it is a forum site, I have no complete idea on how mixtapes are posted for the sake of podcasts.

By tuning in to some podcast, I was able to collect tracks from Soundcloud as brought to me by it as long as they’re available for download for free.

The song collected so far from this podcast was Special D & Scott Brown’s Elysium. It was originally part of the remix contest of this year kind of like Zedd’s Clarity remix contest which happened four years ago except that I didn’t know anything about this until I tuned in to that podcast. It was a shame that nobody from Hardcore Tano*C took part in that contest due to the complete lack of knowledge and awareness. The remix contest ended in April but trying to look for another remix contest in the future may not be an easy thing. How am I going to pursue such contests like that? In fact, there should also be a remix contest for Sound Voltex Floor Asia Edition in the first place but forget about it due to the amount of hate Konami had attracted recently and the first contest exclusive to Asian residents was like organized for nothing. The song, Elysium, may probably sound like I can mash it up with DJ Taka’s Tenkuu No Yoake via a mashup remix but doing so after the contest can be a foolish idea I have ever thought of in theory. As if the Arts Fiesta event organized in December four years ago didn’t have enough power of stupidity for having wrong theme at the wrong time, the defensive morons even had the guts to think that it was a success so that I could get my ass distracted many many times during class the following year after that event was organized so why would I want to plan that mashup remix like that after knowing that I was a month too late while tuning in to the podcast? Even worse is that I don’t have the necessary third-party tools, instruments and other stuffs for FL Studio that can be essential for a superior remix and I have no idea on how to include the vocals from the original as part of the remix. All the remixes I have been doing are done from scratch and especially for songs that have vocals so they all sound instrumental.

You can make a remix of Elysium if you want at this time but that will not be part of the contest since it’s already over but for that mashup remix as I mentioned, there’s no guarantee that it will sound decent when compared to other remixes of the same track I already downloaded.


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