Valentine Music Center/Store

OK, I think it’s time to scrap plans to find and buy some DJ sets at Sim Lim Square when possible after finding one that is affordable at Valentine Music Store at Lavender. It was a long walk after the arrival at Lavender but it turned out that I walked the wrong way that things looked completely different than what was shown in the map. It was pretty much in the opposite direction that after some turns, I found the map to realize that I headed the wrong way like the path splitting wasn’t that big. Also, there were some two people trying to figure out on where to go as well but the thing was, they were on their own and it was the same for me to figure out as well so it was a confusing communication at times. After heading the right way, it seemed that the long straight path to Valentine Music Store was having a lack of traffic lights on most parts but I managed to reach there without encountering any danger.

Once there, the entry and exit methods were kind of different compared to the shops I visited before and surprisingly, the shop took place inside the terrace house with home business taking place inside. Needless to say, while most of the DJ gears, mixers and controllers are superior there, they are seriously expensive even with promotion going on. The only DJ controller that was affordable under $200 was the Hercules DJ Instinct including the S series ones, the one with the small turntables with the Hercules logo on them and front edge having headphone jack with nothing else on it. Like many Hercules DJ controllers, they come with their own software but we can also use the third-party DJ software like Traktor, Serato DJ and Virtual DJ. Serato DJ on the other hand, will require some kind of an extension device and the driver to be installed to make use of the DJ controller but it’s kind of dependent. If you want to use the software that comes with Hercules DJ controllers, by all means, go ahead, although the third-party ones are what you should try and figure out yourself.

Previously, I bought the iRig Mix mobile mixer at Funan Digitalife Mall but obviously, there are other trusted retail stores to buy DJ stuffs from and Valentine Music Center at Road Center Road and Sinamex Electronics at Parklane are what you can find. Be careful not to buy DJ stuffs for collection purpose as you don’t want to regret that mistake and they are seriously expensive. It’s different than buying tons of computers for the sake of whatever advanced IT stuffs you want to do but even then, it’s unnecessary unless you’re a product reviewer who doesn’t regret anything.

So, what are my past regrets so far? The USB TV Tuner which didn’t work or whatever and the affordable NAS device that doesn’t come with its own hard disk drive. That’s like $100-$200+ wasted on those things. Gaming side, I regretted buying S**** Unleashed as the hack and slash side is unspeakably too narrowed to be playable in terms of the 3D platforming so it was like $50-$80+ wasted. Since it was a digital purchase, there was no such thing as a refund for that.


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