Windows 10 Specially Provided Edition for Chinese Government

The controversy regarding Windows 10 is solved on the Chinese government side after various checks and verifications on the modified code for this special edition were approved. This is to ensure that this edition of Windows 10 complies with the security rules and until then, the computers used by Chinese government are still using Windows XP and there were plans to migrate to Linux after knowing the fact that Windows 8 itself already has privacy violation flaws with Windows 10 being much worse.

For this edition, there will be less Microsoft apps and services in favor of the Chinese equivalent. Unfortunately, there isn’t an official list on what’s replaced in this edition and what’s not. In fact, there are already tons of third-party tools that eliminate apps and services that violate privacy completely but making sure that those settings are applied as part of the OS deployment isn’t an easy task.

Although Windows 10 Specially Provided Edition solves the security controversy, the OS bashing continues on all other editions of Windows 10 as there won’t be any plans for Microsoft to offer the consumers the same solution as the one offered to Chinese government at this time. It was already wrong to violate customers’ privacy like that with a product and Microsoft had already known how concerned the Russian and Chinese governments have been.


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