Digital DJ Masterclass Free Training Event

Before the event was bound to start, nobody knew the schedule on when would it happen by time when we already knew that it would happen on that day for a week and the worse thing was that it already conflicted with the MVA Jump Start about IPv6 implementation. When the time came, there was already the part one video available for training and then the second part available later and so on.

The first part took place at Ministry of Sound club and from what we saw, there were tons of DJ equipments in place for a gig. You have multiple choices to perform with on a gig, the traditional way in which you will spin the music with vinyls along with CDJs or you can try out with the CDJs + laptop computer which may look like a modern technology for DJing in the first place and there are people who probably talk crap about modern-day DJs over the usage of modern technology but I don’t give a shit about such opinions like that. No, don’t care about what those kinds of people will say. Not to mention that the DJ equipments can be unspeakably expensive that research is required on whatever you may want to buy for practice so that you can get on a gig one day if you have enough experience. There were questions like, “Do you have to bring out your own DJ equipment to the club to spin?”. In my case, I can probably go for the usage of the club’s DJ gear as it is so superior. The problem is the music collection along with the software tool the club uses. Do I expect to set up the cues for the same mix on all different DJ software on the computer?

The second and third parts were where the lesson began with various techniques I know of like beatmatching, looping, mixing, transitioning, EQ level and crossfader, BPM, number of beats and bars and the list went on. Not to mention that there were other techniques like Filters in which you can adjust with the Filter knob as well as to use the cues that can be useful to know when to transition in between songs. You have to be more focused on the part you will need to transition to as missing out that part is like a waste of a chance if you’re so screwed in transitioning and you must use beatmatching techniques as required for transitioning as well.

Another challenge is the music structure, depending on the genre and the track, there may or may not be voice clips/vocals everywhere on certain parts of the track and I’ve been having a challenging time figuring out. Using a mixtape that is made and uploaded to Mixcloud, I should be able to reference the transitioning sequences. Be careful not to have vocal conflict between two tracks and especially that vocals will come in at the end of the 8th bar. Hell, even the EDM and House genres can be guilty of this if you’re not careful on what you’re doing.

Doing practices and mixtapes on a regular basis are the requirements to increase your Disc Jockey experience as well as to get a better chance to get booked for a gig but making and publishing mixtapes alone won’t seem to be quite enough. You actually have to network with some DJs in the clubs or something as well as to ask the promoters for opening/ending gig slots. Not to mention that you may have to promote your mixtape and deliver it as well.

So, how did it go with mixtaping? Unfortunately, although I have made the true first mixtape and posted it to Mixcloud, the genre itself is all UK/Happy Hardcore-ish and trying to get a gig with that genre is a fat chance for us. We’re already better off with using the more common music genres like House, EDM, Hip-Hop or even Trance after the fact that DJ Fila was pissed last month at Zouk Singapore that he vowed not to get future gigs  there anymore probably because they had invited the son of the Malaysian PM for a gig as a VIP. The problem was that DJ Fila had his gig schedule cut short abruptly for give way for that VIP DJ and many people had hated Zouk and that VIP DJ all because of that offensive situation. If the gig wasn’t cut short or something regardless of VIP or whatever, then the problem wouldn’t have occured in the first place. Thankfully, DJ Fila has organized other gigs elsewhere in the same country but I don’t know if I can network with him or something. Sure, he may be a professional DJ but trying to network with him is not easy if you’re starting out as a new DJ.


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