iRig Mobile DJ Mixer obtained

Beginning the Disc Jockey career is no easy task although I already had looked up online on how to start one in order to be invited for a gig despite the amount of experience I had in music arrangement under the music production part. This device cost $120+ like it was affordable but the thing is, this is suited for smartphone and tablet devices and not the professional kind of a DJ Mixer we already know and see in parties and clubs. It is missing the filter and the Mid range so practicing or making a mix tape like that with that device is still not an easy thing. The workaround will be to make use of the on-screen Mid range from the mobile devices but I’m sure that you can also hook it up to other devices as well like computers but still, that device is more suited for mobile devices.

I have two different Android devices ready for this DJ Mixer device but of course, the professional DJ equipment is still recommended but needless to say, it is extremely expensive and trying to start a career without that equipment for home use is not an easy task. Unfortunately, the DJ Mixer device is missing the larger headphone cable like the I saw and used during my DJ training 3 years ago. However, not all DJ Mixers will need a larger headphone jack so that you can hook up the normal headphone/earpiece like you will hook it up to your phone, tablet or computers. So, I may be out of luck in song preview stuff if I want to transition to the next song smoothly. Of course, the song preview and transition may still require the beatmatching techniques which are the first techniques beginner DJ will need to learn. Also, I may have to remind you that although I was trained, I’m still not good in Disc Jockey part. The initial reasons for using VirtualDJ are to determine the BPM of the songs as well as to conduct some mashup research of the songs. Like the DJ trainings, mashup research may require setting up cues and beatmatching but that is more than those DJ techniques. You may have to plan on how you want to mash up these two songs.

This is purchased from Funan Digitalife Mall and there were news and rumors indicating that the mall would be closed sometime in the third-quarter of this year to be sold or improved.

The next steps will be to purchase business cards and they should be Disc Jockey themed if I want to get a chance for a gig as well as to make a mixtape and portfolio in order to start the Disc Jockey job as a beginner DJ for real.

I had also updated my biography to include multiple careers and speaking of biography, I also updated it in my WordPress blog to include what I did in my Electronic Music Production days as well as the on-going experience of music arrangement part.


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