System Administrators angered over new Windows 10 upgrade push

It is unbelievable that System Administrators were angered upon seeing the Get Windows 10 icon showing up on the taskbar and the message on screen again despite the policies on having the devices being part of the domain and managed with SCCM or WSUS. From Microsoft’s defense, it occurred that domain-joined PCs that are not managed with SCCM or WSUS would get the Get Windows 10 app as a reminder to upgrade to Windows 10 but there were system admins that said that even the domain-joined PCs under WSUS received similar messages. The workarounds obviously wouldn’t last that long with the new upgrade push nags that keep on going until July this year where Windows 10 is no longer free to upgrade.

And again, it will take us time to look for newer workarounds, policies and other technical solutions but until then, the critical solutions are needed if we want to resume the deployment practice as there are already hardware issues on my computers nowadays.


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