Opera web browser to have its own Ad-Blocker tool

Like Firefox having its own protection in Tracking Protection mode which is equivalent to various add-ons like Ghostery, HTTPS Everywhere, etc., the newer versions of Opera web browser will have the browser’s own Ad-blocking tool so that there’s no reason for you to get an Ad-blocking add-on instead. However, there’s one downside on having the internal Ad-block tool as part of the web browser, some of the websites will require that you turn off Ad-blocking or you won’t be allowed to browse them that you may need another web browser for standby. An external Ad-blocking add-on like uBlock Origin should do the same job in blocking ads but thankfully, there’s a way to turn off the internal Ad-blocking tool when necessary on some web sites in Opera web browser.

Unfortunately, it appears that Opera is already on life support at the present time like there’s another web browser on the way by former Opera developers as well as the fact that better solutions like uBlock Origin can do the job without being resource hogs.


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