Russian government to ban Windows from being used in government computers

Citing security flaws as everyone knows of for Windows 8 and 10 including the previous ones and especially for knowing that Microsoft had complied with US authorities according to Russian government, there was a decision to ban Windows from being used on government computers in favor of using the local operating system based on Linux. It may be an interesting news and especially that even China is planning to make their own local operating system but I do have knowledge that there are other Linux based OSes in China as well.

From the recent interview, the Russian government officials expressed the president’s dissatisfaction with foreign tech companies that supposedly never pay taxes to the state unlike the local companies. The motive is that they’re planning to ban Windows, increase taxes on foreign tech companies as well as to develop the local operating system to be used on government computers. I may be curious on what those local operating systems are like to be frank and I don’t know if those OSes are developed for local users only as if no foreign users are welcome or something. There is a law that makes foreign tech companies pay an 18% value on added taxes on apps and services used online.

Until the day the local operating systems are finalized in China and Russia one day where government computers there will be like more secure or something, the tech companies we know of have been already kept in check to see if those companies still try to do anything bad to foreign customers that may keep foreign leaders concerned like those leaders already were.


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