Gameplay report at Virtualand at Bugis – February 5th

It had been days after this year’s Global Game Jam and there was a request that I would meet the guy at the arcades in the evening that day but when I arrived there, it appeared that it was a completely different environment. I wouldn’t know if he arrived there or not but it seemed that he wasn’t there at all or something. Perhaps, he was still doing the Final Year Project or something at that time and in fact, he was one of the classmates of my last year’s game jam team member. Also, I actually asked her to do the video taping of myself playing Reflec Beat and Jubeat on his IPad during the game jam and then showed the videos to my interest group mentor via Facebook.

So, I was there at the arcades in the evening until the estimated time of 9PM in which I would return back after having played Sound Voltex, Jubeat and Beatmania IIDX. I thought that he was there playing Jubeat or something but that turned out to be someone else.

The KAC for Beatmania IIDX will be taking place sometime this month soon and it seemed that my interest group had no plans to take part in this year’s KAC after knowing the preliminary songs for DDR. Maybe things are much harder than before which are obviously true ever the maximum song level increase. I know that Sound Voltex had increased from Level 15 to 16 when songs with Level 16 were revealed for the first time during the past KAC.

Lastly, the Lunar New Year is still on-going and those from Chinese speaking countries who take part in this year’s KAC that will be taking place this month for the finals, not the one last month as it featured different games, will be wished the best of luck.


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