Facebook’s Free Basics banned in India over Net Neutrality

*Sigh* Why, advocates? Did Facebook have insufficient brains in trying to start their own internet  connection service with the fiber optic cable or something for example like Google did? How could they come up with the stupid wannabe level plan such as the Free Basics program like that that would allow people in India to browse the net for free? What do you mean that it’s free? Electrical and network bandwidth usage is obviously not free and who’s going to pay for all the bandwidth used by the people who use the Free Basics program?

The problem is that it is extremely limited in everything, mainly the bandwidth speed, the amount of websites you can browse through, and the amount of damage the program can have to the open internet if allowed to continue on. And what is the point of having Free Basics program when you can subscribe to one of the ISPs if you’re living in a highly populated environment?

You know what is the major mistake? A difference in price that is now allowed under the Net Neutrality principles in India and even no reasonless over-charging should be allowed as well. There had been news about Net Neutrality in the US and Europe but this is more or less a recent news for India.


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