Chromodo web browser under fire for leaving users in danger

According to the research results from some security researcher from Google, some of the policies in Chromodo web browser are disabled while Chrome has the same policies enabled by default. This leaves some users in danger as baddies can gain access to the private data. With the safeguard, scripts can access data in another script if they both originate from the same source. It’s a warning originating from the Google researcher and there is a fix he has made to fix the issue.

Even worse is that the Comodo Internet Security tempers with the DNS settings according to the researcher in addition to importing everything from Google Chrome and making itself the default browser and nobody knows the motive of this. And of course, is there a reason on why Comodo doesn’t have the official solution to this fix.

It’s another security weakness that can leave you vulnerable to attacks by cyber-criminals, not some kind of a measure/practice that lowers down the security level through illegal cyber-monitoring for detection of baddies. No, like I’ve said, it’s just another security weakness or bug that the ones behind the web browser or the app should come up with a patch or something to fix it. There’s already no clue this time on why Comodo isn’t aware of this. You could have used the other antivirus/internet security brands instead of this unusual-ness.


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