Global Game Jam Aftermath

It’s been a year since I attend the event last year where my experience on game development was tested. Unfortunately, the remake I have been doing after last year’s Game Jam event was still far from being decent enough as there were still problems plaging it that I couldn’t release it or something. Things had changed ranging from teams, event themes and other stuffs. It was a surprise that my teammates from last year’s event were able to recognize me and especially for the staffs managing the event.

Day 1

One or some of my teammates from the last year’s event would not be coming for the event for whatever reason and we were already separated into joining different teams this year. Unfortunately, one of the teams where one of my team members from last year was in had a decision to leave after Day 1 and I was already switched to joining another team. Another unfortunate thing was that we had a decision to use Unity for game development which was unspeakably difficult for me in the first place. Unlike Game Maker Studio or Construct 2, the objects have to be programmed through coding while the design part was fine enough for me to get used to. Also, the artists from the team of this year I was in had the plans to model and animate 3D stuffs with Maya which is not free of course. I didn’t know what the hell were they thinking when it came to ideas and it was the same for my last year’s team but at the time until after this year’s Game Jam, I somewhat start to gain some ideas for the future Game Jam events. In fact, there would be other hints I would like the other teams whose teammates were originally my last year’s teammates to implement with some help and advice from me but none of the advice was being used. As I found Unity seriously difficult to use, I was told that it was a cardinal sin for me like I wouldn’t normally use it as I wasn’t used to it and staying with Game Designer role for the event was already a safe bet.

Day 2

Some of the team members including me already had the experience with Game Maker Studio and especially that I showed the screenshots of the previous Global Game Jam game I remade but the only opportunity absent was that I wasn’t able to video capture that for the sake of sharing gameplay videos to the public as my computer is already on life support like it’s not that easy to video capture things without taking up so much CPU temperature. On the development side, I had the assignment to program the sound effects for specific objects for Unity.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to connect to that stinky school network as a guest that I used the Mobile Data connection from my tablet. Also, the installation of Unity exceeded the Data Usage limit and things were getting worse in Day 3. *Sigh* If only the Global Game Jam Singapore could take place in other tertiary school instead… It’s a great Game Jam event like I can anticipate because it’s a global event that runs around the globe except that the Singapore one took place in such a SHIT POLYTECHNIC I STUDIED FROM ORIGINALLY IN APRIL FOUR YEARS AGO! WHAT AN ON-GOING BRAIN DAMAGE THIS WAS!

Also, there were technical complaints from my team members indicating that the network there was inferior to some superior local polytechnic they originally studied from. So why not follow everything they do despite the high difficulty of using Unity? Unfortunately, even if I wanted to follow everything they do, the coding part is a major nightmare for me as if I was able to design the scene like it should be less difficult than coding in Unity itself. Unity tutorials should be handy enough for me but obviously, I couldn’t watch any of those tutorial videos as I was in Mobile Data mode. I should be able to get more solutions but having to use Unity was already a painful experience for me.

Outside of the development, there were tons of crazy distractions going on from many of the teams like trying to have fun or something and even I had tons of crazy fun on the following day. It ranged from someone playing USF IV with arcade stick, someone doing Disc Jockey with real DJ equipment, someone with external monitor to someone being interviewed to be seen on TV.

Day 3

During the time of game submission, I had the curiosity to take a look at the games my last year’s team members had made this year such as A Hope in Despair and Castle Rush. Unfortunately, from the look of the game my team had made, it looked more like a screensaver than a game. Imagine the Game Maker version of this with the assets from other Game Jam games my last year’s team members had made along with Project Conspieracy, that would piss my this year’s event team off for remaking that but then, who came up with the idea of making the game with Unity in the first place then? In fact, I had to take responsibility over my idea for last year’s Game Jam event by remaking the game and even then, the quality was far from being great until today. As I couldn’t be bothered any further like being about to leave the venue, I saw some guy playing Reflec Beat Plus on his IPad. He happened to be on the same team as some of my last year’s team members were. That team happened to be the Final Year Project team working on stuffs for the Game Jam which was obviously Castle Rush made using Construct 2. I guess that was after having some free time playing USF IV on someone else’s computer with the arcade controller. Unfortunately, compared to other fighting games I had played on my PS Vita, this one doesn’t seem to be anything fast paced or something and I pretty much sucked at it. Eventually, I asked to be filmed playing Reflec Beat Plus and Jubeat Plus on that guy’s IPad so that I could show the gameplay videos to my Interest Group mentor via social media. Of course, there were still limits when playing rhythm games to be frank like I was already at some limits in Level 9 songs in Jubeat. While I was still talking to that guy about the Bemani stuffs and as I was about to verify the videos that were made on my tablet, I was asked by some staff for photo-taking and stuff. The talk about Bemani stuffs resumed after the event until I reached the area below the train station in Woodlands where I had finished talking to him about those stuffs.


Analyzing the others my last year’s team members had made for this year’s Global Game Jam like A Hope in Despair and Castle Rush, it seemed that A Hope in Despair had the giant backgrounds and audio files that made the game’s sizes to 300+MB. It was less than 300MB if I excluded the EXE file included in the source ZIP. The gameplay was supposed to be based on Patapon series where you have to issue commands to the beat to execute something but implementing command-issuing stuffs in Game Maker Studio is something I can’t do. It was the same thing for the last year’s game, Project Conspieracy, where that feature was essential.


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