Upcoming PC hardware won’t support older versions of Windows

Normally, a Windows OS is bound to last for 10 years and Windows 7 may have like a few years from now until it goes out of extended support. Unfortunately, this is bound to cause a little bit of stir and especially for business. New silicons from AMD and Intel will be using Windows 10 but as superior as they are compared to the previous and current silicons which can still run Windows 7, the real problem is going to take place at a business level. For organizations, it can take years to ensure that everything is upgraded to the new technology without causing any technical disruption to business but it can also mean that the organizations will have to familiarize with the new technology before the System Administrators and IT Professionals can decide if they want the organization to use it or not. Windows 8 and 8.1 were kind of unpleasing to the organizations that they may demand downgrades to Windows 7 similar to Windows Vista’s momentum for business where Windows Vista computers are all downgraded to Windows XP. Not to mention that the system requirements are unspeakably larger for Windows 10 than before like the OS is trying to push the limits of the Windows 7 and 8.1 computers.

But then, when Windows 7 computers are available for business use, I guess that there shouldn’t be any reason to downgrade them and it should be the same for the organizations to use Windows 10 in the future with the most amount of options available for Enterprise edition. It should be pleasing to the business consumers’ eyes and hopefully it should be the same for normal consumers. The upgrade/migration to newer versions of Windows for normal consumers may be a quicker one but as popular as Windows 10 is along with the news articles about it, there may be mixed kinds of consumers attracted very quickly.

The upcoming PC hardware running Windows 10 is still a fine thing as if there’s no particular reason to downgrade it to Windows 7 or 8.1 like it sounds kind of bullshit regardless of whatever reason you have. Even each computer may have its own lifespan and that is something you should know of.


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