Eat Beat Dead-Spike for IOS and Android

At the time of this blogging, I recently have the knowledge of the Blazblue franchise when it comes to gameplay concept and graphics. The first discovery of the franchise was that the Blazblue series was in Taito Type X2 arcade hardware with the interesting attract mode messages that are changing every second throughout the game. The opening FMV sequences are awesome and so are the consumer versions’ exclusives which are fully-animated. The graphics are also interesting and especially for the gameplay. The latest one, Blazblue Central Fiction is already in the arcades in Japan and the recent update will have Act 2 sometime this month. It is said to be the last chapter in the series consisting of 3 acts.

And there’s this spinoff called Eat Beat Dead-Spike for IOS and Android which is a rhythm game based on the Blazblue series. The gameplay concept is obviously better than The Rhythm of Fighters when the developers at Arc System Works are thinking correctly when it comes to making spinoff games like that. Some of the songs are taken from the deformed stories somewhere in the Story Mode ever since the first Blazblue game. The similar style is also in Blazblue Radio which is also interesting to watch on Arc System Works’ official YouTube and Nico Nico Douga channels. The episodes are pretty much all there on YouTube ever since last year but without enough knowledge of Japanese language, you won’t know what is going on. Songlist is based on Blazblue Chronophantasma and additional songs will be available under DLC. The name, Dead-Spike, is one of Ragna’s special moves but then, he’s not the only playable character in this spinoff game.


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