Twitter lawsuit over November 9th incident?

While Telegram was already aware of those attacks taking place in various regions including the one in November 9th last year that they decided to take down the accounts that have been suspected of those operations, what about the other tech giants? Are those other tech giants going to take similar actions as well? Previously, there was an announcement from White House in the US to get tech giants to fight te****ism online but with the encryption in place for certain services, it is already posing a challenge while keeping devices and services secure for good customers like us.

Unfortunately, some widow of a victim had filed a BULLSHIT LAWSUIT against Twitter over what happened in November 9th last year. Has Twitter even increased security for their service? Like WHAT KIND OF NONSENSE COMPLAINT SHE HAD FILED AGAINST TWITTER? INDEED, Twitter believes that any indecent shit like threats, violence, po***graphy, nud***, ter***ism and other indecent operations are NOT WELCOME! In other words, they deserve NO PLACE FOR SOCIAL NETWORKS LIKE TWITTER! It’s like she thought that nobody was aware of the incidents or something and that those tech giants were responsible for helping bad guys out.

You know what is the new professional word I’ve recently seen from Neowin? That is Frivolous, which means that something doesn’t make any sense or is not worthy of any importance. So this means, that Twitter took her lawsuit for a nonsense. It’s “Nonsense”, do you get it? Couldn’t she even know that certain actions were already taken elsewhere after that incident? Why would she TAKE SUCH A STUPID ACTION like filing a lawsuit against Twitter like that? Sure, tech giants would care for whatever serious incidents that took place like that but do you expect them to take some serious actions based on those incidents? If it’s a cyber-security breach incident for instance, what can a tech giant do is to do some cyber-investigation into locating the cyber-criminal’s source of operation so that they can commence that cyber-criminal’s command center shutdown from there once found. The investigation and actions against the incidents have already begun long time ago like it’s a case they need to crack by gathering enough information on what happens and who the culprit is. It’s already taking time to crack one case and especially that it’s a big one.

For a public news like this, it is already unacceptable for such a news like this to exist. We can write down better news or look at better but non-recent news than this.


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