Amnesic Incognito Live System Version 2.0

It is way too obvious that you will be on cyber-spying agencies lists for using this OS and the Tor browser but actions to be taken will depend on what you’re doing with this OS while your name and data information are still on those lists. How did those agencies manage to get those information of the users who use this OS on the list despite the amount of security for private use? A major problem is that this OS along with its Tor technology have been used by many bad guys besides the good guys and deep within the Tor technology is the Dark Web which is unspeakably evil in general if you ask. And as this is the live OS, pretty much every modification will be reverted or something. You could have used the other Linux OSes instead and Firefox, Chrome or any other third-party web browser is a better bet than the Tor browser including its mobile variant.

The new version as mentioned in the title of this blog post may support more hardware as well as backported software so you can get internet access with Wi-Fi along with sound support through hardware for instance and lastly, the software updates to keep current. This is due to the OS being based on Debian 8 which has new Linux Kernel. The release date is sometime in late this month and even then, there are already better Linux OSes to use as this one and its Tor technology are notorious for being used by bad guys in addition to good guys.


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