T-Mobile violating Net Neutrality rules

I appreciate the concern the EFF has when it comes to corporate selfishness like they don’t truly care for the real rules and policies as well as the customers. Net Neutrality in the US was already passed last year but it might seem that the ISPs in the US were freaking out like whiny kids over it that they decided to declare another similar war in court.

Whether Binge On is turned on or not, the devices powered by that ISP are throttled down to 1.5Mbps no matter what you do on the net such as streaming a video, downloading a file or other stuff like that and especially that the customers are not the Binge On members. Without options for customers to sign up or opt-in for the service, it is considered a violation of the Net Neutrality rules according to EFF.

Maybe there should be an idea on using foreign ISPs but that may be a risky move and it’s best to use the fiber service Google uses for better connection speed if possible.


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