Amazon Echo security rant

The Internet of Things may seem to be the interesting technology to power your home in the future but the security level is awful to say the least and especially that the devices that operate through voice commands like those powered by Siri, Google Now, Cortana or similar service where your voice commands are stored. Based on whatever you say, the device using that kind of technology will do something acording to it but sometimes, there may be technical flaws like the Amazon Echo has.

As if your conserveration is mistaken for a voice command for instance, the Amazon Echo device will act upon hearing it. This makes Amazon Echo an annoying busybody device as if your private conservation at home is disrespected by it. Maybe it’s a technical flaw that Amazon will need to fix it so that it can be on par with Siri, Google Now and Cortana. Another problem is that there’s no sense of security for voice command storage system or something that the attackers can gain access to the device and make crappy commands to it. I don’t know if that may be true or not or maybe a different problem is that the voice commands are stored on the servers permanently without removal intentions.

While the Xbox One Kinect can be spared, the Amazon Echo won’t be spared for this kind of security flaw. It may be a shame that you can’t even remove Cortana completely from Windows 10 over privacy reasons but you could have gotten a third-party Windows Start Menu if that’s what you’re concerned with. Also, you’re like testing privacy advocates like us all over by simply buying Amazon Echo like it’s one of the cool technological IOT devices. You should have bought something else that falls under the same category as Amazon Echo and it doesn’t violate privacy whatsoever.


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