Avermedia EZRecorder obtained

Hmm, perhaps I could have used a video capture hardware to video capture Android and computer games but it may seem that video capturing computer games through the hardware itself doesn’t work or something. However, like other video capture devices used for capturing console games, Avermedia EZRecorder as an affordable video capture device for me takes a video or screenshot of whatever game you have played. But as affordable as this is, it allows for up to 30FPS for videos and that may seem to be a little bit unfortunate if you want 60FPS gameplay videos. There really isn’t much else to say about video capture devices like this but I bought it from Funan Digitalife Mall which is more or less a professional and superior shopping complex compared to Sim Lim Square which is notorious for the on-going cheating cases. I can guarantee that the one I bought should be able to work 100% easily but when it comes to IT roadshows at Singapore Expo or Suntec Convention Center, you should be aware that certain booths may originate from Sim Lim Square. But if they also sell the same things at Funan Digitalife Mall besides Sim Lim Square, going to Funan Digitalife Mall is a safer bet.

Other discoveries at Funan Digitalife Mall included the iRig Mix which I’ll buy in the future if I can as well as the shop that sells NAS devices which are unspeakably expensive. One interesting thing was that QNAP decided to bring NAS to the next level by offering virtualization and other roles besides the file server role for their NAS devices. You may be right that I thought that the networking performance can be sluggish for home use when it comes to virtualization on the NAS as the host but it turns out that you can use QNAP NAS devices locally by hooking them up to the TV or monitor for better performance. How do you use them locally with keyboard and mouse? I have no clue. Also, the shopkeepers mentioned to me that I should use 10Gbps of network connection for network use of QNAP NAS devices if I wanted better networking performance for virtualization but other than that, the NAS devices are normally for storing your stuffs through network connection.

For iRig Mix, it will come with the apps for IOS for free. If you obtain those apps normally, obviously you will have to pay or something. Unfortunately, the DJ Rig app crashes on my Ipod Touch that it cannot be helped but using the DJ software on my Android device, it is where the iRig Mix can come in ahndy for me since it is compatible with Android devices. If I buy the iRig Mix, then optionally, I can prepare a mixtape stuffs to be uploaded to my MixCloud account in the future.


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