Apple concerned over Investigatory Powers Bill

Braovs to Facebook and other US tech companies who supported the controversial bill that recently passed in the US which finally extended the illegal cyber spying stuff they thought that there would really be true security but that was not the case for tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, etc. that kept on opposing it every since the past times and now, it looks like the similar bill that will do the same thing by allowing access to people’s metadata or whatever in the UK. Pretty much Apple has been concerned about how illegal cyber spying is. Privacy advocates had prepared sufficient efforts to combat bills that contain illegal actions and purposes done to the cyber-security but what about te****ism then? Do we despise ter***ism besides privacy violation? Sure, we despise ter***ism a little bit even more than privacy violation.

The new legislation is aimed at providing more transparency and accountability for the authorities but this is where many tech companies like Apple may get concerned of. Will they provide the same cyber-security level for the citizens without the need for tech companies to provide their own? Such a controversial bill in the US like I mentioned in the previous paragraph is already clashing with the bill that provides real cyber security and this has been getting out of hand when conflicting things pass like that with no real workarounds. It was kind of inexcusable not to realize the real flaws of a bill like that by signing stuffs without even realizing the mistake and letting it pass unnoticed. I can assume that they had already checked for mistakes or something before beginning a voting section to determine if the bill will be approved or rejected. Last time, the real Net Neutrality was passed with real respectful efforts of the privacy advocates and tech companies in the US like everything was checked before approval but it seemed that the whining US ISPs were unhappy about it that the same battle for the real Net Neutrality restarted again.

And if you think that cyber spying thing is not that something to worry about or important to you that you dare to tell us to stop worrying or something, the bigger shame will come to you should some cyber-criminal does that same spying shit to you as if your private information is known by that criminal regardless of the cyber-security tools you have. But if you know that cyber-spying is illegal along and you have been compromised by some cyber-criminal, that cyber-criminal will be unforgivable.

By SilveryFJ Posted in Apple

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