Hideo Kojima’s Konami-era summary

Bravos to Konami nowadays, it seems that mobile gaming has fried the game developers’ minds and made many people even MORE NEGLECTED THAN BEFORE IN EVERYTHING ever since last year or something probably due to the fact that the power of referenceless plagiarism has been running amok starting last year! In fact, this is the RIGHT TIME TO TALK TRASH ABOUT KONAMI FOR WHATEVER MAJOR DAMAGE THEY HAVE DONE! It’s like they have lost the power of originality starting last year or something and especially for the fact that they had messed with the famous man behind the Metal Gear franchise! In fact, there were already tons of games released on IOS and Android based on various Konami franchises we know of. Funny thing is, I already played one of those Konami mobile games on my Android device.

The final offense done to Hideo Kojima was that he was barred from receiving the awards for his best work on MGS V The Phantom Pain and that the award was received by some voice actor involved in that game on his behalf. The worse thing is that today’s Metal Gear games have removed the famous credit on the front box and all the game descriptions have excluded the mentioning of his full name. Another worse thing is the mobile gaming elements in both console and arcade games today. I’m not joking about arcade games having those elements like drawing out those Appeal Cards for no reasons other than to draw everything and it was inexcusable to announce that Konami is going mobile while leaving other gaming platforms the complete secret.

You know what should be surprising? There are of course songs from the Metal Gear franchise in certain Bemani games but that was the past collaboration in between those two franchises. Also, there are other Konami games Hideo Kojima was involved in the game development as well and especially that he worked on the game engine called the Fox Engine which is used in recent Metal Gear games as well as other Konami games that are not Metal Gear games.

What about the other popular franchises? We don’t even know if Konami will continue to work on them for consoles and even Steam in addition to working on the games that are for the arcades. There’s also the E-Amusement Cloud service which is the cloud gaming platform and it can be risky to keep on playing those games for that service or something as they use either Pay-To-Play or Monthly Subscription.

Another controversy is that Konami took down videos that mentioned Hideo Kojima and especially for the rant and interview videos that mentioned him. They can pretty much deny whatever damage they have done to their reputation and especially for the fact that they had made life miserable for the employees or something. As if the Konami-era Kojima Productions team was completely isolated from the other teams at the company, they were to work on the Metal Gear games locally and that wide-area communication was disallowed or something. Perhaps this was all done as a way to censor the hell out of Hideo Kojima or some sort.

This month, Hideo Kojima had finally gotten out of Konami and now he’s decided to open a new game development business as an independent studio. He may have agreed with Sony to work on a new game for the Playstation 4 in the future as part of the new Kojima Productions studio. Maybe his core team members should migrate to the new Kojima Productions studio when possible like working on a new game like friends or something in gaming heaven. But by working elsewhere, the new experimental games he worked for Konami will be cancelled like the new Silent Hills game or something. I don’t know if he can work on a new game that is kind of like the spiritual successor to the Metal Gear franchise just like the one working on the spiritual successor to the Castlevania franchise. What if the properties still belong to Konami?

Perhaps next year, you can say out to the fans of Metal Gear and Bemani franchises that you will absolutely not forgive Konami for the damages they have done to make the fans proud. Of course, don’t say it directly to Konami via some tweets or during the 5th Konami Arcade Championship which will start next month. I guess that if you’re a KAC finalist and you say that you won’t absolutely forgive Konami to your supporters or something, the company may bar you from taking part in future KACs. It makes various external artists like PHQUASE forgivable for real. Hell, even Naoki Maeda had left Konami two years ago to make new music game at Capcom and some of the songs in that game sound quite similar to the ones you find in Bemani games due to similar composers. Who else will leave Konami to work elsewhere in the future then?


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