Adblock Plus for Microsoft Edge

At least Microsoft Edge seems to be spared due to various improvements over Internet Explorer and over time with newer builds of Windows 10 but compared to third-party browsers as we use it today, it is still using the most anticipated feature, the extensions. However, even with extension feature available in Microsoft Edge, chances are, not all common extensions are available for it and trying to apply extensions that are for Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge may seem to be a pointless one for me or something.

Adblock Plus will be available for Microsoft Edge but I think that you’re already better off with uBlock or uBlock Origin as Adblock Plus takes up so much hardware resources compared to uBlock series addons. Also, there are security plugins that secure every web browser at the system level regardless of whichever web browser you’re using. I never knew about this until there were comments about that on that Neowin article about Adblock Plus for Microsoft Edge. It may seem to be effective at the system level but I don’t know how will that work for web browsers that are the Modern apps. Also, the bigger problem takes place in Windows 10 Mobile. Is there an ad-blocking app that blocks adwares at the system level for that OS like Adblock Plus does for Android?


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