Tor to be banned in France by French security forces

While having better security is an important thing for the present time against cyber-attacks, you may have to make sure that the system has stable reliability, performance and functionality and this has been the case with Tor technology which uses the VPN from some unknown source that contains a slower bandwidth speed for safe browsing undetected but do you want to browse the net with such an unreliable speed? Even worse is that you can’t even check the favorite sites you check in regularly probably due to the Tor browser being overprotective and yet there are baddies still using it undetected despite these problems. It doesn’t matter how much improvement the Tor technology is going to have with minor updates, it is still posing a serious challenge in getting those baddies tracked.

There were claims that there were proposals of getting Tor banned in France by French security forces probably due to the serious attacks that took place in Paris last month but the thing is, how to make that proposal a technical thing like calling French ISPs to ban Tor technology technically on every platform including its alternative? There were also claims that those destructive te*******s made use of Tor technology but we don’t know if this is true or not. If there are official evidences that Tor technology was used by those attackers, it can ruin the reputation of the company behind the technology in the first place.

What else is surprising is that according to some security expert, Telegram was notorious for false advertising and weak security. Talk about the liar with the biggest foul mouth and brain that stink the MOST! It did some data collection stuff that even Whatsapp users like us became victims of that and trying to find a better alternative to Telegram is a bigger challenge. As if the continuous usage of Telegram by the attackers made Telegram company know about it, the corporation took technical actions against them by taking down their Telegram accounts for illegal actions probably due to the fact above the company was able to track those accounts down. Maybe the encryption was not there at all or something. That was some news you could see in Engadget, Softpedia, etc. and it may be why we still stick on to using Whatsapp and LINE if that’s the case as the good people. There are already tons of services and devices with better security you can use but you should be warned but you SHOULD NOT be using them for anything illegal.

I already ranted on the Tor Messenger thing like who the hell wants to use it once it’s reached the final stage and you could have gone for better security technology. It’s not okay. It defeats the networking performance and reliability, and the functionality of the websites. Even the public Wi-Fi will be inaccessible in affected areas in a state of emergency but there’s another problem that goes against the proposal. What if the attackers use the mobile broadband or mobile network instead of public Wi-Fi for that?

It’s either a rejection for wrong and incomplete solution or approval for complete and right solution but who knows if one new proposal can be approved like that based on the real situations with sufficient evidence on why do you come up with it.


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