Return of Repeat Offender Group, Lizard Squad

Firstly, there was a false article stating that the attackers might have communicated through the Playstation 4 console to plan out something illegal which wasn’t completely true as we already know that they made use of Telegram program for that. Unfortunately, that article was spread to other blog sites, news sites and other sites that contained the same false information and in fact, it even added fuel to the fire in the on-going gaming platform war after knowing that false information without knowing the true information which later corrected the mistake in that article. So, such troll comments about this are everywhere on the net including the recent article about Lizard Squad’s security breach of Playstation Network service again as seen in Neowin. It’s basically another fuel added to the same fire but in a stupid way.

WHAT WERE THOSE IDIOTS DOING ON THE NET AND WHY DID THEY BREACH THE SAME GAMING SERVICES THIS YEAR? We really CAN’T STAND THAT GROUP’S ON-GOING OFFENSIVE STUPIDITY! And if you support that group over that article stated above, then you may be one of the COMPLETE EPIC FAILURES in the gaming world! It’s kind of like someone would say to you things like, “That/this system is used by attackers”, “You use that stupid system, you’re more or less an attacker”, “They’re full of shit in marketing that system”, “They surely are helping those plan the operation with that stupid system”, or something like that BUT KNOCK THOSE INAPPROPRIATE NONSENSES OFF! We’re adults after all and we don’t say those kind of childish crap like those examples above. When you’re an adult, you may have the ability to seek some help and solution for whatever stuff you’re doing and especially that you’ll be using many of the competitive branded products regardless of on-going competition.

And in fact, such a repeated idiotic cyber-attack already landed some idiot behind it in trouble. It’s not that the group will organize the perfect hacking lesson online or some sort because it still sounds completely stupid in the first place and nobody will contribute to or anticipate it. Okay, there might be a tool of attraction we had seen last year where there might be external contributors welcome to penetrate some shit for fun or something but it might seem to be part of their stupidity. Also, I’ve already seen tons of cyber-security news about some corporation’s comprising of consumers’ information for the sake of advertising through their products/services through the spyware kind of the malware. I can guess what a motive is and it’s already pointless saying that people like me don’t know how to migrate to this kind of new technology that is as vulnerable as I know it.


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