Comcast’s man-in-the-middle attack as a method of accusing users of copyright infringement

Well, if you live in the US and your family happens to be using Comcast as the US ISP, you already know that you’ve been having a hard time trying to get things much smoother and more fair but one day, if you’re going to relocate to your new home and you know how seriously evil that ISP is, you may have a smart option to choose other ISP instead. If you thought that Verizon’s illegal data collection with various smartphone apps and services wasn’t bad enough, what about the fact that Comcast has done the man-in-the-middle attack on users with insecure connection that accuses them of copyright infringement? This is obviously the same kind of security breach as the cyber-criminals had done in the past which they demanded the users that users’ private information be released or something.

Man-in-the-middle attack is that while you’re sending email to the other person for example, the attacker can sneak in and try to modify it before the email is reached to the other person. When that happens, it can pose a cyber-relationship problem between you and that person and it will take time for you to explain the truth that someone has tempered with your email you’re sending. The attack can be mitigated with HTTPS connection and nowadays, the search engine websites are already in HTTPS mode so you don’t have to worry about that but it’s not the same for the other websites and you’re going to need HTTPS Everywhere from EFF that forces every website to be in HTTPS mode for secure surfing.

It’s such an easy-level cyber-security attack that can be easily prevented but of course, when it comes to on-going cyber-security attacks that will take a long time to get a strong but reliable security solution against them, it’s nothing easy. On top of that, the cyber-security problems have evolved to the next level and so does the technology.

And lastly, this is probably the STUPIDEST cyber-security attack at the CORPORATE level the users of that ISP have ever ENCOUNTERED IN THEIR LIVES! Data collection by various companies for advertisement was already bullshit enough but this makes those users think on what the hell goes through that ISP’s knuckleheads. Also, people around the globe already know on how extremely bad Comcast is in general as if that ISP can do whatever evil things that ISP wants. What this attack does is to deliver the warning pop-up message on insecure websites you visit via the six-strike system as if they will throttle down your connection speed or perhaps terminate your access but no, like I’ve mentioned, it’s more like a security breach, that kind of security attack is something a cyber-criminal can do to us at the standard level that we can easily prevent it.

By the way, about this year’s Consumerist’s Worst Company in America tournament, there will be surprises when they see the final results one day perhaps sometime at the end of this year or maybe sometime next year. This is something the US people can be interested to take a look at and especially that various Wikipedia articles about those companies have mentioned the WCIA campaigns/tournaments but for those who don’t live in the US like me, I guess that we know a little amount or nothing about other worst companies in America.


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