Yahoo Mail locks users out over Ad-Block but it was a test

Great, nobody knows what the hell Yahoo is testing for new product experience but nowadays, things have already changed and I’m already checking emails on my AOL, Outlook and Sina accounts. Jeez, I wish I could have migrated every mail subscription from my AOL account to my Outlook or Sina account as a safer bet and especially that I’m receiving new mails from newer subscriptions. In fact, who the hell uses Yahoo mail in the present time?

Last time, Google Chrome users with Ad-Blocker extensions were forced to watch the full-ads on YouTube despite having those extensions due to a bug and that things would be fixed in the later versions of Google Chrome that might be based on later versions of Chromium but here, what Yahoo did was more of an experimental test and nobody knows what are they planning this time.

By SilveryFJ Posted in Yahoo

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