Taiko No Tatsujin V Version

Taiko No Tatsujin reboot is in the arcades in Japan and Asia starting from four years ago with the Japanese release with the Asian version being released last year but it appears that my country is not getting the latest Taiko No Tatsujin game which is the one in HD widescreen and that’s a shame. Thankfully, the upcoming Taiko No Tatsujin game for the PS Vita might have popped up in the Asian PSN and I tried out the demo like it’s the first Taiko No Tatsujin game I have ever played. I can assume that the PS Vita version should be out in the local retail stores in this present time. The PS Vita game of Taiko No Tatsujin is similar to the one on the PSP where you press on the corresponding buttons on time to the music. I guess that physical buttons are much more preferred as the screen is somewhat too small to incorporate the touch screen elements like the IOS and Wii U versions have.


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