Synchronica by Bandai Namco

Taiko No Tatsujin franchise is highly popular in Japan and besides that, there’s also the spinoff rhythm game from Bandai Namco for the arcades which is Synchronica. It’s sort of like Osu/Elite Beat Agents but there are differences in the gameplay. There are notes where you have to drag from start to end point. You don’t have to follow the path directly but you must make sure that you reach the end point in time and reaching there too late will result in breaking the combo. You can reach the end point as fast you wish and stay there but sometimes, portions of the path notes will be shown that you may have to follow along from start to end like one of the beatmaps of Namco Original songs. Also, the game makes use of multiple touch points that you may have to tap on two or more notes that appear at the same time to the beat. Other notes like normal and hold notes are self-explanatory.

I don’t know if anyone may port those beatmaps from this game to Osu! simulator on PC or perhaps mobile devices but let me warn you that it is pretty much illegal to port them to simulators like that just because of similar game play. We have already seen a warning elsewhere stating that it is kind of illegal to port Bemani songs and their notecharts directly to LR2 or something as a way to avoid getting the simulator developers getting sued or something but who cares.

There are also songs from other Bandai Namco games like always such as the ones from Idolmaster series, Taiko No Tatsujin as well as the songs from other rhythm games not made by Bandai Namco as part of the rhythm game crossover festival or something and right now, that crossover is going second round where songs from other games were already available recently.


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