Strikers 1945 III on IOS and Android

This one’s a special treat to show as I had one-credit-cleared this game on my Android device in the highest difficulty as shown in the screenshot below. Unfortunately, unlike that screenshot, my gameplay videos on YouTube took more than a credit to clear but it seemed that I was able to tolerate things quite well as if the game on IOS and Android is less difficult than the arcade version in which the enemy bullets are much faster in the arcade version. Another thing to talk about is the lesser amount of grinding in this one unlike the prequel on IOS and Android which is much more tedious. You should be able to get more virtual coins throughout the game than spending the overall amount of virtual coins in starting the game. What this means is that you can pay virtual coins in randomizing the choice of the fighter for full power as well as to enable a partner fighter to help you out before starting the game but by the time you have gone through the entire game, you may have gotten more virtual coins from some missions than consumed those virtual coins from random fighter choice + partner. This reduces the amount of grinding or some sort but another improvement is the inclusion of additional goals as different ways of unlocking fighters. For instance, you need to upgrade the fighters by spending virtual coins on getting full power, shield and higher charge weapon level so that you can get that amount of power the next time you start the game. Of course, you may need to do the required amount of upgrades to unlock that fighter.


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