Facebook alerts users of state-sponsored attack

Illegal state-sponsored attacks may come from companies or perhaps some government agencies that tech giants and their consumers are really concerned. If a company does that on their own accord with their product or service, the reputation is obviously super worse that it makes government agencies more respectful when it comes to the on-going situation on the outside. Such illegal actions can be exposed and found out by the privacy advocates. The on-going cyber-surveillance may be a good time to detect the place for further illegal activities taking place but what makes it really illegal in itself is the privacy violation of the civilians’ as if such ideas are not always perfect.

Google might have planned this notification system for the users years ago before Facebook comes up with one but having to make things over-protective can open doors to undetected illegal activities and especially for those controversial bills that extend the illegal cyber-surveillance are always coming back that we have to fight them. What about those illegal activities done by the baddies then? Who’s going to tackle those illegal activities for us?

The notification works like this. Basically, the victim is notified of the cyber-attack conducted by some attacker working on behalf of nation-state. In addition, the victim is also warned of the suspected unidentified malware as part of the attack that will likely infect his/her system. Turning on Login Approvals will keep this kind of cyber-attack from coming in.


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