Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage

Well, this one may be the answer to Love Live School Idol Festival which was released two years ago and the interface during gameplay is somewhat similar except that everything else is different such as the gameplay, the room management which is unnecessarily social-ish, 2D and 3D graphics modes and so on. Idol Chronicle by Taito already has the 3D graphics which may render non-current Android devices incompatible with it as it takes up more resources that way but it should be able to catch up with Playstation Vita rhythm games made in Japan like Project Diva series, Persona 4 Dancing All Night, Utakumi 575, etc. This may have superseded other idol themed rhythm games on IOS and Android with so much exclusive features like multiple graphics modes, room management, multiple technical workarounds, etc.

Unlike Idolmaster Shiny Festa which has mini OVA animations included in the game, this one is based on the TV animated series which is based on the mobage of the same name. Like the Idolmaster TV animation series which is closely related to the Idolmaster games, the concept is the same for this one although the idol characters that will be in both this game and the TV animation counterpart are based on the popularity as like Starlight Stage, the original Idolmaster Cinderella Girls surely has tons of characters represented by cards.

The Communication Mode is sort of like the Story Mode which contains both the Main Story and the Side Story known as Story and Idol respectively, the Idol Mode is obviously the card management mode where you can level up various cards in your collection and the Room Mode is going all Farmville-ish indoor where you can decorate the producer’s office in the enterprise of 346 production. Who thought the Room Mode was a good idea for this game? You can’t decorate the offices like that. Unlike Love Live School Idol Festival, the story modes will sometimes give you multiple options similar to the main Idolmaster games. So be warned, making a bad choice will result in a bad communication. There’s also the affection stuff but I don’t know if that is similar to or different than the bond bonus from Love Live School Idol Festival.

Other factors in unlocking the songs include the Panel Mission which is kind of like the mini-quest, upping the producer rank, buying additional songs through the Jukebox and so on.


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