Project Mirai Deluxe for 3DS

The second game features additional songs, mini-games and even the item events similar the ones in Project Diva series’ Diva Room. There’s also the editor although it doesn’t seem to be as big as the one in Project Diva series where you can use the MP3 files along with custom scene, dance movements and custom notecharts for a custom song. That is the biggest feature that increases the replay value. In addition, there are multiple vocals for the same song but that depends if the song supports that. Last major change is the gameplay. It’s sort of like the 2D variant of Groove Coaster the way it approaches the notes and depending on the control method, you have to press the corresponding physical buttons or tap on the corresponding on-screen ones. For the touchscreen gameplay, there’s also the flick feature in addition to having to tap on the pink or blue one.

For the Deluxe version which has additional changes from the second game, the music videos are changed and there is one more song exclusive to it as well as the change of the charts for certain songs. This is the first Project Mirai game to be released outside Japan and people should be glad when buying this on their own 3DS besides buying the Project Diva series on their Playstation 3 or Vita. Some of the songs from Project Mirai series are already available in Project Diva Arcade and Maimai in which there are major graphical differences between Project Mirai series and Project Diva Arcade.


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